Serbia asks Russian Railways for consultation over tunnel collapse

Serbia asks Russian Railways for consultation over tunnel collapse
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JSC Infrastructure of Serbian Railways has asked for a consulting and expert assistance from LLC Russian Railways International, a subsidiary of JSC Russian Railways, over the tunnel collapse.

This Sunday, there was a collapse of a barrel of the railway tunnel located on a line going from the Serbian city of Belgrade to Bar in Montenegro, which is a part of one of Trans-European transportation corridors.

“Leadership of LLC Russian Railways International made a decision to delegate its specialists within an expert group, established by JSC Infrastructure of Serbian Railways, to examine the emergency tunnel and assess its overall technical condition, as well as possibility of its further exploitation”, - says the document released by Russian Railways International.

The company indicates that the railway line with an emergency tunnel is located at a distance of 180 km from the Resnik – Valevo section, which has been reconstructed by Russian Railways International since the 15th of July. Russian company is carrying out modernization of Serbian railways since 2014.

According to Russian Railways International, the company is ready to provide a practical assistance in elimination of the consequences of the collapse.