Large transfer hub to be constructed in Moscow region

Large transfer hub to be constructed in Moscow region
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The authorities of the Moscow region approved a plan of construction of a large “Opalikha” transfer hub, which will be located in Krasnogorsk, the town in the center of the Moscow region.

The modern transfer hub will occupy a land plot with an area of three hectares on the northern and the southern side from “Opalikha” rail gantry of the Moscow railway’s Rizhskaya line, the press office of a Deputy President of the Moscow region’s government, Herman Yelyanuyshkin, told Construction.RU on Wednesday.

Erection of the terminals for passengers transfer from one mode of transport to another has been scheduled there, including parking lots for 600 car seats.

The existing street and road network will be reconstructed together with rail gantries of both directions: from and to Moscow. Apart from that, new public transport stops will emerge.