Russia offers Italy help following major earthquake

Russia offers Italy help following major earthquake
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Russian Emergency Ministry is ready to provide an assistance to Italy in coping with the aftermath of the strongest earthquake in this Southern European country.

The first earth shock with a 6.0 magnitude occurred at 03.36 local time, on the 24th of August. The hypocenter was near Accumoli city in the Italian region Latium, located about 110 kilometers northeast of Rome. The second time, earthquake hit Umbria region with a magnitude of 5.3 points.

According to the media, at least 14 people died following the earthquake and some are still trapped beneath the ruins. However the local authorities decline to state an exact number of victims, because little time has passed since this natural disaster.

As the press office of the Russian Emergency Ministry reports, Head of the Ministry, Vladimir Puchkov, sent a telegram to Italy’s relative department offering help.

Vladimir Puchkov stressed that Russian emergency teams had extensive experience of work in the strong earthquakes’ zones, using advanced equipment to clean ruins and rescue people.