One in 10 social tenants in London to pay more

One in 10 social tenants in London to pay more
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According to the UK federal policy targeting rent for high earners, the tenant’s income will influence the rent payment, therefore over 70,000 tenants are expected to face average rent rises of more than £1,000 annually, The Guardian reports on Monday.

To be exact, one in 10 London’s social tenants will have their rents increased, which might amount to £132 in houses located in the capital of Great Britain. Under the new rule, households earning over £40,000 will be considered as “high income tenants”, what means that their rent will go up.

Critics have already voiced some fallouts of this initiative, in particular, that a portion of the households belonging to the working class won’t be able to afford their homes any more. Apart from that, the policy might be costly and bureaucratic in its implementation.