New Bangkok skyscraper breaks two city’s records

New Bangkok skyscraper breaks two city’s records
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An official ceremony devoted to the completion of construction of the tallest building in Bangkok, the capital city of Thailand, a 314-meter Maha Nakhon skyscraper, took place yesterday, RIA Novosti on Tuesday.

The skyscraper is scheduled to be put into operation the next year. Maha Nakhon is 10 meters taller than the building of Bayoke Sky hotel, which for a long time had been considered to be the tallest structure in the city.

The building, which is located in Bangkok downtown, has been constructed over the period of 8 years. Approximately, 640m dollars have been invested into the project’s implementation.

The lower floors of the skyscraper house a trade center, the upper floors – premium class apartments. These apartments are planned to be put up for sale at a price of over 2m dollars, having hit another city’s record.