Bridge across Kama River built on route of “Silk Road”

Bridge across Kama River built on route of “Silk Road”
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On Tuesday, the Transportation Minister of the Russian Republic of Tatarstan, Maxim Sokolov, and Head of the Republic, Rustam Minnikhanov, officially opened the second start-up facility of the bridge across the Kama River, located near Sorochyi gory village.

When delivering a speech, the Minister Maxim Sokolov indicated that this object of a federal significance is situated on the road of the “Europe – Western China” international corridor. This is why it is important that the bridge should be a modern highway of a premium category.

For his part, Rustam Minnikhanov stressed that the given passage was a genuine “Made in Tatarstan” product. The total length of the bridge is nearly 14 km and it has become one of the most extensive bridge crossing in Russia.

The passage includes also two bridges – across Arkharovka and Kurlyanka Rivers, an overpass and a road junction. Investments into works at the construction site have reached 8,7 bln roubles - of the first phase and 5,2 bln roubles – of the second one.