Cost of Moscow metro construction increases 1,5 times

Cost of Moscow metro construction increases 1,5 times
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In the estimation of specialists, the cost of metro construction in Moscow has increased 1,5 times and reached 1,3 trl roubles.

In 2012, when the metro construction program was to be authorized, it was estimated at 900 bln roubles, Vedomosti reported on Wednesday.

Now, if to sum up the expended funds and take into account the funds allocated to the targeted investment program for 2015 – 2018, the metro construction program will be estimated at 1,3 trl roubles.

According to the Mayor office, the metro construction has become more expensive, partially due to inclusion in the program of new lines. For example, the ring of the Third Interchange Circuit has been closed and the Sokolnicheskaya line has been prolonged.

Some experts claim that the cost of new metro lines was affected by the fact that the basic design documentations was undeveloped.