Rosatom involves Czech companies in NPP construction abroad

Rosatom involves Czech companies in NPP construction abroad
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Rosatom State Energy Corporation expects that Czech companies will actively participate in its projects for NPP construction abroad, senior vice president of JSC Rosatom Overseas Inc, Leos Tomicek, announced on Wednesday, RIA Novosti reports.

He added that in case the Russian project was selected for the construction of a new Czech nuclear power unit “Dukovana”, it would be local firms that would mostly participate in it.

This statement Leos Tomicek made at a round table, which took place in Czech Republic devoted to construction of the 5th unit of “Dukovana” NPP.

The company’s official pointed out that Czech suppliers are traditional partners of Rosatom. In particular, the matter concerns Vitkovice, MSA, Mostro, ZPA Pečky, Arako, Armatury Group, Krona, Lutos, Kabelovna Kabex, Sigma Lutin and a number of other Czech companies that have already supplied equipment for nuclear power plants built by Rosatom.