High-tech greenhouse complex to be built near Voronezh

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High-tech greenhouse complex to be built near Voronezh
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A new facility might be built in the Bobrovsky district of the Voronezh region. The construction work will be carried out by ECO-Kultura, an agriculture and industrial holding.

The total amount of investments into the project is estimated at 18 bln roubles ($281,3 million).

On the 8th of September, governor of the Voronezh region, Alexey Gordeev, held a meeting with the top management of ECO-Kultura. The issues of construction of the greenhouse complex producing vegetables was discussed over the course of the meeting.

In accordance with the project, construction of six units of greenhouses with an output of 45,000 tons of tomatoes per year is planned. A total area of the complex will be 60 hectares.

Following the results of the meeting, Alexey Gordeev gave an assignment to the administration to explore the details of the project and to consider its economic feasibility.