President Putin unveils budget for road construction in Crimea

President Putin unveils budget for road construction in Crimea
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About 18 billion roubles have been allocated this year for the purposes of transport connection with Crimea and now the question is the way the funds will be spent, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced on Thursday.

“From the very beginning of its exploitation, the transport passage must operate as a single well-oiled machine, ensure quick and uninterrupted transportation with Crimea,” said Vladimir Putin over the course of a presidium meeting of State Council in the city of Kerch.

“I remind you that this year we allocated additional 5 billion roubles for road construction in Crimea, and we have a total of 18 billion roubles this year,” noted Russian President.

According to Vladimir Putin, this is a considerable sum of money, but “the issue doesn’t concern the volumes, rather the way these funds are spent does.”

Russian President stressed that a transportation passage across the Kerch Strait is not just a bridge, there is a need to adapt highways and railways to it, to ensure related infrastructure, both on the part of the Krasnodar region and the territory of Crimea.