Kansai Paint company’s department for construction paints opens in Moscow

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Kansai Paint company’s department for construction paints opens in Moscow
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September 15th, 19.00. The opening of the construction paints department of the Kansai Paint affiliate company in Russia took place on the territory of ARTplay complex in Moscow.

As our special correspondents, Maria Starostina and Olga Evoyan,  reported play-by-play, Mr Hiroshi Ishino, President of Kansai Paint Co Ltd, Mr Hiroshi Tajima, Minister of Economic Department of the Embassy of Japan in Russia, Mr Yu Akaki, Executive Director of Kansai Paint Co Ltd., Mr Michael van Harmelen, Channel Marketing Executive Director of Kansai Plascon (Proprietary) Limited took park in the opening ceremony.

The company presented the whole range of innovative high quality paints and the unique Inspired Colour palette, created on the basis of the company’s extensive experience in selecting and combining colours. 

Delivering his speech, Mr. Hiroshi Ishino remarked, that the Kansai Paint company established in 1918 has been known as a company producing high-quality and innovative goods, and has grown to be Japan’s largest and most progressive manufacturer of a wide range of coatings including decorative, automotive, industrial, protective and marine coatings. Today its annual sales make more than USD 3 bln, the company enjoys a well-established position in Japan and is one of the world’s top ten paint manufacturers.

Opening the department in Russia, the company is confident in its future. As Mr Yu Akaki told our correspondents, “it is just the time to enter the Russian market as the Russian economy is getting to show the sign of recovering. We would like to challenge to make business in such big potential market from now on.”

 Mr Michael van Harmelen told our journal that paints would be delivered to Russia from the company’s factory in South Africa. They are produced with a view to the premium class customer.

After the official ceremony was over, our correspondents were the first to check the quality of the company’s products.