Mikhail Menn unveils details of monotown development program

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Mikhail Menn unveils details of monotown development program
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Moscow. “Gorky” residence. Presidium meeting of the Presidential Council. As our correspondent, Alexey Nevsky, reports from the ground, following the presidium meeting, Construction Minister of Russia, Mikhail Menn, held a meeting on Monday with reporters and told them about the details of monotown development program.

In particular, Mikhail Menn noted that each Russian town should have its peculiar architecture appearance. At the same time, there should be specific standards developed by the Housing Mortgage Lending Agency (AIZhK) with consideration for city’s and regional peculiarities.

These standards are to be elaborated over the course of the year 2017 and then forwarded to the regions. On the basis of these standards the regional specifications on cities development will be developed.

The Minister specified, that approximately 10 bln roubles annually wouldn’t be required for elaboration and implementation of these norms, as well as for encouraging the best performing cities to carry out city improvement works. This is the proposal with which the Construction Ministry came forward at the presidium meeting.

Mikhail Menn explained to reporters that the standards under development, approximately 20 ones for different regions and towns, wouldn’t be compulsory, but rather non-regulatory.