Russian popular retailer “Pyatyorochka” to open 2,000 stores

Russian popular retailer “Pyatyorochka” to open 2,000 stores
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Russian retail network “Pyatyorochka”, which is incorporated in Х5 Retail Group, plans to open up to 2,000 stores and sees the opportunity to maintain commensurable growth rates in the coming years, Olga Naumova, director general of “Pyatyorochka” said at a forum Retail Business Russia.  

Olga Naumova stressed that this figure is achievable and the same growth rates are expected to be maintained for the next years. According to her, the matter concerns the perspective of up to the year 2020.

“We are focusing on organic growth, but we absolutely don’t rule any local and regional deals. We are open for all kind of proposals, what is needed is to choose the most efficient one,” Naumova told reporters.

As a reference, in August “Pyatyorochka” retail network entered Siberian market, having opened its first stores in the city of Novosibirsk.