Innovations in low-rise construction discussed in Skolkovo

Innovations in low-rise construction discussed in Skolkovo
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It was for the first time in modern Russian history that the volume of low-rise building construction has exceeded last year the volume of high-rise building construction, Skolkovo website reports.

The Construction Ministry of Russia intends to increase by the year 2030 the proportion of energy efficient goods and services in the construction sector at least by 20%.
To address these issues, representatives of the energy efficient technologies cluster of Skolkovo Fund and Association of Wooden House Construction held a conference “Innovations in low-rise building construction” in a Hypercube, where the “green solutions” are being actively applied.
Over 50 companies out of 350 cluster’s residents offer solutions for house construction, both of low-rise and high-rise buildings, the cluster’s project manager, Yury Khakhanov, told
“It’s much more simply to implement innovation solutions in low-rise building construction, rather than in high-rise one. By organizing the conference, we pursued two objectives: to demonstrate inventions of Skolkovo participants and to show to start-ups the direction, in which the industry is being developing, what kind of solutions are in demand,” noted Yury Khakhanov.