Why wasn’t case over IKEA’s 32 bln tax dodging commenced

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Why wasn’t case over IKEA’s 32 bln tax dodging commenced
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The RF Investigation Committee in the town of Khimki (the Moscow region) initiated proceedings against IKEA company over taxes non-payment for32 bln roubles. But Prosecution Service declared it illegal and cancelled it.

Speaking on it today, Kommersant stresses that it goes about the deal dated August 29th,2011 on selling all trading centers in Russia, managed by IKEA Einrichtungs GmbH (affiliate of the “IKEA Mos” holding in Khimki), for €840 m.

The purchaser of the 14 “Mega” hypermarkets and “Khimki business park” was the Dutch company Fuprin Holding VI B.V.

IKEA’s executives assert that the taxes were paid in Geramny.

It took acting deputy prosecutor of Khimki, Daria Nastas, only 9 hours to make the case clear and adjudge investigator’s order on initiation of criminal case unlawful without the Federal Tax Service’s conclusion report. Besides, the prosecutor appealed to the absence of the information on the seller’s breach of the Russian-German agreement on double taxation dated 1996.