Unique military base being constructed on the Black Sea coast

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Unique military base being constructed on the Black Sea coast
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The construction of the new base for the Black Sea Navy in Tsemes bay is in full swing.

As the Spetsstroy press office has told Construction.RU today, installation and assembly work is fulfilled by specialists of the Southern Department of the Agency. The base is unique for Russia.

It is necessary for the new vessels and submarines of the Russian Navy which is being up-dated very fast. At present hydro-technical objects are under construction.

The first launch complex of the front berth is being prepared for commissioning. Berths are replacing the former defensive structures of Geoport. Instead of the out-of-date concrete structure, upperworks installation are reliably supported with drilled pier foundation.

Submarines will receive water, heat, energy and air supplies on berths.

New design and technology solutions will provide for submarines hulls erosion decrease and motor resource increase.

Besides, western moll-berth and the building of Headquarters of Novorossiisk military naval base are being constructed.