“ Inhabitable environment: new standards” forum opened in Innopolis

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“ Inhabitable environment: new standards” forum opened in Innopolis
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Today, the “ Inhabitable environment: new standards” First international forum has opened in the town of Innopolis in Tatarstan.

As the press office of the RF Ministry of Construction, Housing and Utilities reports, 350 Russian and foreign experts are taking part in the forum. Within the forum program its participants will discuss modern standard for housing quality and design approaches, prospects of urban environment development and of the Russian real estate market, the role and the impact of restrictions and norms on the quality of living environment.  

At the opening ceremony, Prime-Minister of the Republic of Tatarstan, Ildar Khalikov, said that the discussions to take place will allow to answer many questions and cardinally alter the attitude towards what is called “Russians’ living environment”. Director General of HMLA, Alexander Plutnik reminded those present, that in May,2016 President charged HMLA to prepare modern standards of urban development. “We see how many cities change, public spaces and modern environment are created. Besides, developers change their approach to housing designing, first of all, the standard one. It is the housing of different area – from 20 to 100 square meters, and its comfort depends on the forethought of every meter”, Alexander Plutnik said.

Segey Choban (CEO, Managing partner of АБ SPEECH), Elena Gonsales («March»), Yuuso Hietanen (Director General of Bonava in Russia and Finland), Christoph Kohl (founder of the KK Architekten bureau), Ivan Sukhikh (chief architect “Brusnika”), Olga Aleksakova and Yulia Burdova (АБ Buromoscow partners) and many others took the floor.

The forum is organized by HMLA under the charge of the RF Government, Ministry of Construction, Housing and Utilities of the RF and with support of the Government of the Rupublic of Tatarstan.