Unique eco-building to be built for the WWF in Moscow

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Unique eco-building to be built for the WWF in Moscow
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In 2018, an eco-building will be constructed for the World Wildlife Foundation in Moscow.

As it is said on the website of the Moscow construction complex, the building will house the main Russian office of the organization.

The unique building will become an example of green technologies application in construction and buildings exploitation. It will be constructed in the First Kozhevnichesky side-street, 5/1 in Danilovsky district of the capital.

The project was designed 10 years ago, and now it has been amended. For example photo-elements for roofs have got cheaper, and they will be used for energy supply.

Besides, there won’t be air conditioners, and innovative ventilation system will be used for heat and air circulation.

Materials for the construction will be environmentally friendly but not expensive. It will allow to recover the value of investments in the construction of the building less than for 20 years.