Hungary allocates €320,000 to Russian church restoration

Hungary allocates €320,000 to Russian church restoration
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Hungarian authorities allocated 320,000 euro to restoration of a tower of Russian Dormition Cathedral in Budapest, the capital city of the country, the website of the Russian Orthodox Church reports on Tuesday.

The agreement was signed by bishop Tikhon the Podolskian in charge of Hungarian eparchy and Secretary of State for Churches, Minorities and Civil Affairs, Miklós Soltész.

The bishop thanked the country’s authorities for granting a subsidy and Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban personally for “his firm stance over preservation of inviolable Christian principles.”

The Dormition Cathedral is the oldest Orthodox church in Hungary. It was built within the period of the years 1791 – 1801. During the World War the Second, the building was severely damaged, one of its towers was destroyed. In 2006 – 2009 the restoration works were carried out, but haven’t been completed.