Volgograd city authorities launch mass greenhouse construction

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Volgograd city authorities launch mass greenhouse construction
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The authorities of the Volgograd region located in the Southern Federal District of Russia set ambitious goals for themselves to revive economy of the region by means of a large-scale development of the agricultural sector, V1.ru reports on Wednesday.

On the 25th of October, the head of the Economy Committee of the Volgograd region, Vasily Ivanov, told the members of the regional parliament that the authorities intended to invest heavily in vegetable farming, to build modern greenhouses, warehouses and storage facilities.

Over 500,000 tons of vegetables have been cropped over the course of the current year, whereas the grain crop hit record in 2016, having amounted to more than 4 million tons.

According to Vasily Ivanov, the import substitution policy is being vigorously pursued in the agricultural-industrial sector of the region, and the industry itself is one of the most crucial growth points for the Volgograd region’s economy.