Expenditure on construction in USA drops 0,4 percent

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Expenditure on construction in USA drops 0,4 percent
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In September, spending on construction projects in the USA reduced by 0,4% compared to August, when expenditure fell by 0,5, U.S. Trade Department announced. Experts interviewed by MarketWatch expected 0,4 percent growth of expenditure in September.

As a reference, U.S. Government reviewed the August index, while the initial assessment implied reduction by 0,7 percent. Besides of that, the government specified expenditure on construction in July upward to 0,5%.

Individual expenditure on construction also showed reduction by 0,2%. Spending on housing saw the growth by 0,5%, when expenditure on non-residential real estate dropped by 1 percent. Spending on construction of public buildings reduced by 0,9 percent.

In general, construction spending in the USA is assessed as weak ones this year and most reduction hit real estate sector.