Dutch build wind farm in Russian port city

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Dutch build wind farm in Russian port city
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Windlife Energy BV, a company from the Netherlands, plans to invest 22 billion roubles in creation of a wind park in the Murmansk region, located in the extreme northwest part of Russia, Interfax news agency reports from Murmansk International Business Week.

“We plan to complete installation in 2019. This will be the largest wind park beyond the Polar Circle… We intend to allocate 22 billion roubles to these 200 MW,” director general of Windlife Kola Vetro LL1, a subsidiary of Windlife Energy BV, Paul Logchies announced.
Mr Logchies specified that the volume of investments in the wind park will be more than 22 billion roubles. The construction works are scheduled to be launched in late 2018, installation of a wind equipment will be carried out in 2019.