World's major Lego Shop opens in London

World's major Lego Shop opens in London
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Danish toys manufacturer Lego A/S opened world’s major shop of connects in London. According to the statement released by the company, this is the 131st retail outlet under Lego brand in the world.

At a new two-storey store located on Leicester Square, visitors will be able to see a six-meter copy of Big Ben made out of 200,000 Lego elements, with operating clock and illumination. Construction of the tower took approximately 2280 hours. Apart from that, a coach of London metro was constructed full size out of Lego connects. This required over 600,000 elements.

Lego Group private company was established in 1932. It is owned by Kirkbi A/S (75%), a holding and investment company, and by Lego Foundation (25%).