Investment in Skolkovo project to amount $7 billion

Investment in Skolkovo project to amount $7 billion
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Investments in the project of Skolkovo innovation center located in western Moscow might be preliminary estimated at $7 billion, a director general of “ODAS Skolkovo”, Anton Yakovenko, said at a press conference entitled “Comfortable City. Story of Major Projects’ Success.”

Anton Yakovenko reminded that the project’s implementation started in 2010 with a contest for best architecture concept of the territory’s general layout. He pointed out that at present, one may talk of the completion of the first construction phase with 75% of the facilities being designed or under construction. According his estimates, at present, the amount of investments has reached $4 billion.

The project is scheduled to be fully completed by the year of 2020.

We should remind you that Skolkovo Innovation Center is a public project implemented with involvement of investors. A total of 2,6 million square meters of real estate will be constructed at a 400-hectare area.