Russian military complex “North Clover” erected beyond polar circle

Russian military complex “North Clover” erected beyond polar circle
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An administrative and residential complex “Severny Klever” (“North Clover”), which is situated beyond the polar circle, is ready to be put in operation, the press office of the Russian Federal Special Construction Agency (Spetsstroy) told Interfax news agency on Wednesday.

“The complex received a conformity certificate. The main construction works have been completed, but antenna field related works are still underway,” the Agency’s representative said.

Within the framework of establishing a maintenance area, an administrative, residential, warehouse and parking zones, all required facilities have been erected on Kotelny Island. In particular, the matter concerns an administrative and residential complex “Severny Klever”, which is designed to accommodate over a hundred of Russian military servants.

As a reference, Kotelny Island is located between the Laptev Sea and the East Siberian Sea in the Russian Arctic.