Ukraine and Poland unite against Nord Stream 2 gas project

Ukraine and Poland unite against Nord Stream 2 gas project
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Ukrainian President Petr Poroshenko announced a joint agreement between Kiev and Warsaw, which, according to the politician, will allow the countries to confront together the implementation of Nord Stream 2 project, 112 Ukraine TV channel reports.

“I’m thankful for clear support of Ukraine’s position regarding wrong decisions taken by the European Commission to allow Gazprom to increase the gas flow through OPAL pipeline, which can pave the way to the second decision regarding the construction of Nord Stream 2”, - said Poroshenko.

According to Poroshenko, Ukrainian and Polish authorities were shocked by the decision of the European Commission.

As a reference, on October 28, 2016, the Commission provided Gazprom with the broader access to OPAL pipeline until 2033. Opal gas pipeline with a capacity of 36 billion cubic meters of gas per year is a branch of Nord Stream gas pipeline, through which Russia supplies gas to Europe. This solution will let Russia to increase gas supplies to Europe bypassing Ukraine.