Aviation test base to be modernized in Crimea

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Aviation test base to be modernized in Crimea
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Facilities at the 31st Test Center at the Defense Ministry of Russia are planned to be upgraded in Primorsky village in the Republic of Crimes, Russia.

As Construction.RU was told today by the press office of the Federal Construction Agency of Russia, at present, building and reconstruction of a number of facilities belonging to military townlets are underway in the Crimean cities of Feodosia, Sudak and Kerch, as well as in a military townlet in Anapa.

Thus, reconstruction of a laboratory hangar and a two-storey flight-management office, as well as reconstruction and re-equipment of a residential facility for test teams’ technicians and crew members are envisaged in Primorsky village.

The objects in Primorsky military townlet are 70% completed.