Two waste sorting factories to be erected in Siberia

Two waste sorting factories to be erected in Siberia
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In 2017, construction of two waste sorting facilities with landfills is planned to begin in the villages of Verkh-Tula and Razdolnoye located in the Novosibirsk region, in the Federal Siberian District of Russia.

Works at a construction site of “MSK Razdolnoye” and “Razdolnoye” landfill will start as early as in May or June 2017, whereas those at “MSK Verkh-Tula” and “Verkh-Tula” landfill will be launched in August-September, 2017.

Both complexes are scheduled to be put into operation in 2019.

The project should pass examination in Russian Federal Agency for Oversight of Natural Resource Usage and the Center for Public Monitoring at All-Russia People’s Front, since the selected area will be located in the vicinity of 40 country societies and four settlements near the Izdrevaya River.

The project is estimated at 6.5 billion rubles.