Germans ready to build roads among ruins in Crimea

Germans ready to build roads among ruins in Crimea
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A German enterprise specialized in construction is ready to launch in Crimea the activity over dismantling ramshackle buildings, as well as processing construction materials for the purpose of their further use in road construction, RIA Novosti reports on Saturday.

“We are demolishing old houses, process the material, which remains after demolishing activities, then we use the processed material to build roads. We have all necessary instruments and machinery,” the company’s representative said at a meeting with National-cultural autonomy of Germans of Crimea, Yuri Hempel.

The German businessman stressed that his enterprise was also engaged in road construction in accordance with European technologies with the use of modern equipment.

“We love Russia, we wish that Crimea prosper and we are ready to work closely together with the Crimeans and other Russians” he noted.