The only skyscraper may appear in “New” Moscow

The only skyscraper may appear in “New” Moscow
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The only skyscraper is expected to be constructed on the territory recently adjoined to Moscow, a so-called “New” Moscow, Interfax reports on Monday.

The skyscraper is planned to be erected in the administrative and business center located in Kommunarka village, said the head of the Department for Development of New Moscow Territories, Vladimir Zhidkin.

“The only place, where high-rise buildings could be erected is the village of Kommunarka. According to the architectural community, such construction project is possible there, but as an exception. Skyscrapers are considered as architectural dominants. Other skyscrapers are not envisaged on the territories of “New” Moscow,” – said Vladimir Zhidkin.

He added that the high-rise building could appear not among the houses, but in the business center. Meanwhile, new building can become a landmark of the district.