Pets Exhibition Center to be created in Moscow mall

Pets Exhibition Center to be created in Moscow mall
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Fair and Exhibition Pets Center will appear in a shopping and entertainment complex located on Prospekt Andropova street in the south of Russia’s capital, says the statement published on Thursday on the website of the Moscow Committee for Construction Investment Projects and Co-Funding Construction.

Construction of the facility was approved today at a meeting of the City Planning Land Commission.

At present, Metropolis trade and amusement center with an area of 68,300 square meters is located at that address.

After completing the reconstruction, the space of the shopping complex will amount to 71,400 square meters.

The commissioner, JSC Nagatinskaya Poyma, intends to cover the building’s roofs with lightweight metal structures, for the purpose to set up there a fair and exhibition center displaying pets, fish, birds and gardening products.