Moscow House in Vilnius to be completed in 2017

Moscow House in Vilnius to be completed in 2017
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Moscow House in Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania and its largest city, will be completed next year, the head of the Moscow Construction Department, Andrey Bochkarev, told reporters on Wednesday.

“The only object that we are building at the expense of the budget outside of the city is Moscow House in Vilnius. The construction of this facility started long ago, however the next year it is planned to be completed”, Mr. Bochkarev said.

He noted that the building area amounted to 11 thousand square meters.

“I’d like to emphasize that no other objects located outside Moscow are built now being funded from the city budget,” - added the head of the Department.

Moscow House construction was launched in 2008. A hall, museum, various exhibition spaces are planned to be arranged there. The center's goal is to contribute to the development of relations between Moscow and Vilnius.