Putin: “Hackers showed that public opinion was manipulated in USA”

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Putin: “Hackers showed that public opinion was manipulated in USA”
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Speaking about the hacking scandal, Vladimir Putin said that nobody knew, who staged cyber attacks on the United States. This statement the Russian President made during his 12th press conference in Moscow held annually to sum up the year’s results.

According to him, the losing side always looks for excuses.

At the same time, Vladimir Putin stressed that it was not about who was behind the cyber attacks, it was about hackers showing people the truth.

“As for interference (in U.S. elections), I said that the losing side always looked for excuses. It would be better to reveal problems. Some hackers revealed emails of the US Democratic Party. But, as the President-elect put it right, the hackers could be from any other country. The main thing is the essence of the revealed information. Hackers have shown that the public opinion was manipulated on the part of the Democratic Party,” - said Putin.

Vladimir Putin stressed that the United States and Russia could build a strong relationship on the basis of mutual sympathy. He added that the Republicans in the United States were sympathetic to the Russian President, what meant that they shared the same ideas about the world and values.