President Putin declares Sochi to become all-season resort

President Putin declares Sochi to become all-season resort
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Sochi, a Russian city in the Krasnodar region located on the Black Sea coast near the border with Georgia/Abkhazia, has been converted into an all-season resort, Russian President Vladimir Putin declared on Wednesday.

“It was right that we have been developing Sochi as an all-season resort. Something good we have already done. In any case, the result is obvious,” said Vladimir Putin.

At the same time, the head of the Russian Tourism, Oleg Safonov, announced the enhancement of indicators of incoming tourism in general.

“An increase of incoming tourism has a synergetic effect – it prompts development of small-sized and medium-sized business, rise in budget revenues of all levels. For example, over the course of the last years, only revenues from Sochi to the Krasnodar regional budget have increased more than threefold,” Oleg Safonov explained.