IMF unveils its forecast for Russia's economy

IMF unveils its forecast for Russia's economy
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An average growth rate of Russian economy will amount to annual 1,5% over the course of the near five years, however Russia should strive for much higher growth rates. 

This is what First Deputy Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), David Lipton, said in an interview to TASS news agency within the framework of GAIDAR forum held on Thursday.

According to the current IMF forecast published as early as October 2016, the growth of global economy in 2017 will account for 3,4%, while in 2021 it will be 3,8%. At the same time, IMF expects that Russia ensures GDP growth by 1,1% in 2017 and 1,5% in 2021, what is 2,5 times slower than the global economic growth.