Estonian MP calls on to get Russian real estate under control

Estonian MP calls on to get Russian real estate under control
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A member of the Estonian Parliamentary Committee for Foreign Affairs and the president of the parliamentary group of the Conservative People's Party of Estonia (EKRE), Henn Polluaas, offered to establish in the interests of safety a control over Russian diplomatic and private real estate, as well as to limit the sale of real property to the third parties.

According to his statement published in Postimees newspaper, in 2014, the ministers of foreign affairs of Russia and Estonia, Sergey Lavrov and Urmas Paet respectively, signed an agreement, according to which Estonia rented a 5,200 square meter embassy building in Moscow for 99 years. Russia, in its turn, received a building of embassy and a number of other real property items with a total area of about 26,200 square meters.
“Russians demanded as much real property as possible, but the argument was always the same: the buildings are required to accommodate diplomats. As a result of the negotiations, they received whatever the wanted. Nothing can justify such an injurious for Estonia agreement,” Henn Polluaas.