Moscow hotels level up prices by 30%

Moscow hotels level up prices by 30%
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In 2017, prices in Moscow hotels have increased by 10-30% in comparison with the previous year, Russian Tour Operators’ Assoсiation announced today.

According to the organization, tour operators expect that the surge in prices will affect the flow of foreigners, but at the same time, they warn about a possible reduction of domestic tourism.

Deputy director of Academservice tour operator, Alexander Kurnosov, assesses that the increase in hotel prices amounted to an average 10-15%. Mouzenidis Group named the figure of 30%, compared with the year 2016.

“As for the domestic market, there could be a minor slowdown and re-orientation to hotels of a lower category. Strange as it may seem, this will not affect the flow of foreign clients in general, on the contrary, we expect an increase,” the company’s representative stressed.