Russian scientists create new system of concrete building structures

Russian scientists create new system of concrete building structures
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Scientists from the Russian city of St. Petersburg have invented a new system of reinforcement of building structures from concrete.

As Construction.RU was told today by the press office of the Peter the Great Saint-Petersburg Polytechnic University, this was its professor, Andrey Ponomarev, and a graduate student, Alexander Rassokhin, who developed a new technology.

They have created several types of building blocks based on nanostructured high-strength lightweight concrete, reinforced with skew-angular composite coarse grids. As a result, when load-carrying capability is increased by more than 200%, specific density of the construction decreases by 80%.

Among the advantages, there are resistance to corrosion and aggressive environments, excessive frost and seismic resistance. The researchers calculated that the service life of building structures, made with the use of this reinforcement system, will increase at least 2-3 times in comparison with its modern analogs.

The invention can be used in the construction of buildings and bridges. The scientists have already patented it.