Crimean authorities register land for Cathedral Mosque

Crimean authorities register land for Cathedral Mosque
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The State Committee for Official Registration and Cadaster has registered a plot of land with an area of over 3 hectares in the capital city of the Crimea, Simferopol, for the construction of Cathedral Mosque on that place, the press office of the Committee announced on Thursday.

The facility is registered at the address of Yaltinskaya Street, 22. Representatives of the Crimean Islamic High Council concluded a contract on the unlimited use of a plot of land.

Construction of the main mosque of the Crimea was launched in Simferopol in September, 2015. Originally it was reported, that the construction would cost approximately 2 billion rubles. At present, the project is estimated at 3,5 billion rubles. Soon the building contractor is expected to receive a 1-billion-rubles tranche collected by benefactors.