Uzbekistan and Tajikistan agree on railway construction

Uzbekistan and Tajikistan agree on railway construction
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Officials of Uzbekistan and Tajikistan consider an opportunity to launch a railway communication through Uzbekistan to Russia, Sputnik news agency reports with the reference to the head of the Tajik Railways state enterprise, Usmon Kalandarov.

According to him, the matter concerns a railways laid along the route of Dushanbe – Pakhtaabad – Boysun – Karshi – Tashguzar bypassing Turkmenistan. If such a route will appear in the future, the delivery time of cargoes and passengers will be reduced.

“This proposal is being examined by the Uzbek side, and our colleagues from Uzbekistan will inform us about their decision,” Usmon Kalandarov stressed.

Apart from that, the parties discussed the possibility to cut tariffs for railway cargoes transportation.

As a reference, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan continue to negotiate the resumption of railway communication between the two countries. Railroad traffic at Amuzang — Galaba section was suspended in November 2011, the Uzbek authorities dismantled the railroad tracks under the pretext of disrepair.