Why Ukraine vowed not to buy coal abroad

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Why Ukraine vowed not to buy coal abroad
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Kiev. Our GSS. corr. Catherine Rutkowski. Ukrainian authorities informed about stopping the procurement of imported energy

Today Stroitelstvu.RU said First Deputy Minister of Energy and Coal Industry Yuriy Zyukov, Ukraine refused to imported coal due to the growth of the US dollar. Today this is not possible, because at the rate of 30 hryvnia per dollar and more than 1 ton of coal costs about 2.4-2.6 thousand. UAH. While satisfying the market price - almost twice lower, 1.5 thousand. UAH. per 1 ton.

In addition, in the near future as the cessation of imports of electricity from Russia, towards the end of the heating season, when the Ukrainian energy system will not be jeopardized. By compiling the relevant treaty with Russia has already begun "Ukrenergo", the official said.

Zyukov said that due to moderate temperature conditions imports of Russian electricity to the heating period expiring was minimal - about 300 megawatts. Today, according to the deputy minister, the country was only coal gas group. On the fuel produced in Ukraine in sufficient volume, currently working at full capacity thermal power stations of the country.