Waste-to-energy plant to be built in Moscow region

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Waste-to-energy plant to be built in Moscow region
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The Moscow power utility (Mosenergo) PJSC is working out a investment feasibility study for the construction of a waste incineration plant, on the basis of which electricity and heating energy will be generated, Interfax news agency reports on Friday.

The plan envisages the establishment of a manufacturing unit with a capacity of thermal wastes recycling of about 200,000 - 300,000 tons per year, electric output amounting up to 25 MW and heating power of up to 50 Gcal-hr, the press office of Mosenergo told Interfax.

Technical and economic parameters of the project will be determined following the results of implementation of the investment feasibility study.

The plant will be erected at the premises of the 17th Central Heating and Power Plant in the Moscow region, Russia.