Who will complete the Vostochny cosmodrome?

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Who will complete the Vostochny cosmodrome?
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The Vostochny cosmodrome will be completed by the winner of the tender which is to take place in autumn, 2017.

Reporting on it, “Izvestia” stress that it goes about the “Roscosmos” GC’s contract on the construction of the second stage of the legendary project, including the “Angara” launch vehicle pad area and other infrastructure objects.

Formerly, the now-defunct Federal Agency for Special Construction (Spetsstroy) dealt with it. Presently, the work at the second stage objects’ project documentation is being completed.

In May, it will be sent for the state expertise for 90 days, then a tender will be held, and construction work on the site will start at the end of the year. All Russian construction companies may take part in the tender.

The second stage will be more difficult that the first one. By 2023, the infrastructure for manned flights is to be created at the space range. It has been built near the town of Tsiolkovsky in the Amur region since 2012. The first launch of the “Soyuz-2.1a” missile carrier from the Vostochny space range took place on April, 28th, 2016.