Far-Eastern hectare getting more and more popular in Russia

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Far-Eastern hectare getting more and more popular in Russia
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More than 750 claims for getting a 1 hectare land plot in the Russian Far East have entered since morning.

Vice-Premier – Presidential Envoy in the Far-Eastern Federal District, Yury Trutnev, spoke to journalists in Moscow about it. The area of the plots prepared in the Far East totals 180m hectares.

To remind you, today, on February 1st, the third stage of the “Far-Eastern hectare” law started its realization. Any citizen of Russia may become a happy owner of a free land plot in the Far East (according to the law, they may receive it for free once in their life).

In five years, on condition of the development of a land plot under the contract for free use, the plot may be rented or registered under the ownership.

Citizens of Moscow and Saint-Petersburg are interested in the project more than people from other regions.

According to the press office of the Ministry for Development of Russian Far East. The number of the claims since the start of the program in 2016 totals 1400.