Dangerous living in San Francisco's Tilting Tower

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Dangerous living in San Francisco's Tilting Tower
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The Millennium Tower is still sinking and tilting, and residents might be stuck paying for the fixes themselves, Bloomberg reports, analyzing the situation with the Millennium Tower scandalous condition.

Sales for Millennium Tower started around November 2007. By 2013 the building was fully sold for a reported total of $750 million.  It was opened in 2008 and became the most luxurious tower in San Francisco.

On May 10, 2016, people living in the high-rise were informed that the building had sunk 16 inches into the earth and tilted over 15 inches at its tip and 2 inches at the base.

After that multiple lawsuits were filed against the building’s developer.

According to experts, fixing whatever is causing the building to tilt could cost vast amount of money (the engineering firm hired by the developer has not completed the investigation yet: unstable ground is named as one of the probable reasons.), which is certain to be millions, and perhaps hundreds of millions, of dollars.