The second highest US skyscraper to be reconstructed for $500m

The second highest US skyscraper to be reconstructed for $500m
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The reconstruction is aimed at the enhancement of the high-riser’s attraction for Chicago’s inhabitants and guests.

The second highest skyscraper in Chicago – Willis Tower (Sears Tower before 2009) is to be renovated and partly reconstructed. Chicago Mayor, Rahm Emanuel spoke on it on Wednesday mentioning that $500m will be spent on the project.

Following him, the work is to start this quarter and complete in 2019. The plaza rising above the sidewalk will disappear, replaced by a three-story retail structure wrapping around the tower's base and has rooftop green space.
Six floors of the skyscraper will include an amusement zone with cinemas, restaurants and shops. The sky-deck attracting annually about 1.7m visitors will also be reconstructed.


To remind you, Willis Tower was opened in 1974. It is 108 floors (442.1m) high. Presently, it is the second highest building in the USA and the 14th in the world.