WC-2018 expenses total by 19 bln roubles more

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WC-2018 expenses total by 19 bln roubles more
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The Russian Government has adopted the amendments in the program of the preparation for the Football World Championship-2018. The expenses have grown by 19 bln roubles ($317m).

According to the statement by the Russian Cabinet of Ministers, published on the official web-site of legal information, the expenses total has grown from 619.6 ($10.3 bln) to 638.8 bln roubles ($10.6bln).

The increase will be funded from the federal budget, the expenses of which grew from 331.3 to 350.4 bln roubles. The regional expenses total 92.2 bln roubles, and private legal entities’ investment total 196 bln roubles.

The previous correction of the WC-2018 expenses was last September.