Austrians to build zip-wire at Sakhalin’s ski-resort

Austrians to build zip-wire at Sakhalin’s ski-resort
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The Russian state procurement website reports that the Doppelmayr Russia affiliate to the Austrian Doppelmayr will build another cable way at the ski resort in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk.

The company was the only one to claim for the participation in the tender and was acknowledged the winner. It offered to build the object for 847,2 m roubles (the initial price was 1,009, 987,185 roubles) of non-budget funds.

The aerial cableway will be built on the northern slope of Krasnaya mount.

The winner of the tender is to develop the design estimate documentation, carry out survey work, construct a 2.4 km long cableway with the capacity of 2,800 people per hour, and set to work and commission the object. The deadline of the project is November 25th,2017.

The “Gorny Vozdukh” ski resort is developed as a modern all-year-round centre for sports and tourism.