Railway round Ukraine 50% ready

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Railway round Ukraine 50% ready
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The railway Zhuravka – Millerovo round the territory of Ukraine is 50% ready. The trains will start running in autumn, 2017, RZhD issued a press release.

The operational length of the railway section is 137.5 km, the total track mileage is 294 km.

According to the press release, earth work is being carried out, bridges, overflies and crossovers, engineering communications are constructed. Seven new stations will be built in Rostov and Voronezh regions, the railway station of Zhuravka will be reconstructed.

RZhD provide finance for maintenance of local automobile roads. The railway put into operation new jobs will be created for local people.

To remind you, the two line electric railway was started in 2014 after deterioration in relations with Ukraine.