Pivotal skyscraper to be erected in Dubai by 2020

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Pivotal skyscraper to be erected in Dubai by 2020
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The Dynamic Tower, a skyscraper with rotating floors, is planned to be built in Dubai by 2020, the commencement date has not yet been announced, Khaleej Times reports.

The project was unveiled in 2006.

The skyscraper will house apartments that spin 360 degrees independently from each other. The rotation starts with voice commands, while it is possible to change the rotational speed or to stop it.

Residents will be able to program their apartments so that they rotate in accordance with the movement of the sun to provide sunlight throughout the day.

Presumably, each apartment will cost about $ 30 million.

The height of a 80-storey building will be 420 meters. According to the local media, the building will become the first 4D skyscraper in the world.